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[News] Alice Nine leaving PSC Company

Just gonna pen my random thoughts here. I was gonna translate Saga's blog entry as well but i guess jaeho_x3 beat me to it xD

As someone who is aspiring to work in the music business (starting my MOA studies in that area next week =3), i take particular interest in these sort of news. Alice Nine leaving PSC may seem sudden but it's been 10 years (that is quite a long contract), so i was thinking it's probably about time. Besides, since 2009, Alice Nine has been switching labels quite a bit (though that is not a very uncommon thing to do in this industry), and finally to UMJ. UMJ is a major label, among the top 3 major labels in Japan. Obviously the band has high ambitions and is striving to expand further, plus looking at their recent single releases, composing styles and international tours/events, it's clear that Alice Nine is trying to reach a wider audience and possibly planning to go a lot more global. If they were to stay with PSC company, it could be for another 10 years. With their 10th anniversary coming up, it is quite a good time to start afresh.

Miyavi also left PSC company after his 10 year contract ended and is now active around the world. Coincidentally he also had a contract with UMJ while with PSC. It might look as if Alice Nine is going down the same path, but really if you are an artist wanting to expand, this is more like the natural route to take (signing with major labels, leaving old management companies after end of contract and venturing out). I won't be surprised if Alice Nine decided to form their own company or something, because so many artists do that actually. Though...most likely Shou will be president and...the rest of the members will be...it might be a little weird xD I can't imagine them running a company at the moment but it won't be shocking either xD Or of course they could join another management company, or even J-Glam lol. On that note, I wonder if their contract with UMJ still stands, not too familiar how this usually works.

With their contract ending, Niconico is ending as well, since it's PSC who has the contract with Niconico (and seeing how almost all the other PSC bands have niconico shows lol). Initially i was thinking maybe the premium will still stay (because i thought it's just the show ending), but since PSC is involved i guess that might be done as well...I wonder if it will be a little too much of me to request re-recordings of their past niconico episodes from 2009 o.o especially the unsubbed ones because they look interesting and I'd want to translate them one day :| (a little ambitious on my part but...oh well xD)

Pretty excited to see how Alice Nine does from now on. We might not be able to see them as much on the media/web but as a fan i won't stop supporting them <3 They are gonna be pretty busy from now on, not just with music, but also with business stuff. I'm guessing they will be venturing into one man tours in Europe and maybe Americas as well. Though i sincerely, sincerely hope they do one-man tours instead of events, particularly Anime conventions of that sort...I don't know about anime conventions in Europe and other places, but I've been involved in anime cons in US and I kinda know the pros and cons...it can either be a terrific experience for the band, or it could be the worst decision they ever made....depending on the con D| If I could, I would totally book them on a US tour, but I have neither obtained my booking license, nor have the connections and experience to do anything, so that's all just wishful thinking on my part xD

In any case, I'm glad Alice Nine is willing to take the risk in making changes. After all, change won't come if you don't do something drastic enough. I took a few risks here and there when I decided to major in music business so I kinda understand. Plus...YOLO~(shiku lol)

Okay, enough of ranting. On a side note, it is now actually possible to translate all the Niconico episodes xD